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Come home to your body — bring your stories to life!

Body Tales® is a creative and healing practice that integrates movement, voice and personal storytelling. This unique form combines elements of dance, theater and expressive arts, and encourages and supports an embodied value system in which the well-being of the Earth is central. Body Tales, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, brings people together from varied walks of life — including educators, artists, therapists and professionals in many arenas — and welcomes diversity in ethnicity, spiritual practices, age, sexual orientation, body size and physical ability, etc!

We invite you to learn more about Body Tales and more about Authentic Movement — a related movement practice. Expand your creative and healing capacities by trying out our classes, workshops, retreats and (646) 618-7910. Come see Body Tales in action — check out a (810) 503-5063!

"With humans, stories matter. Stories weave the fabric, sometimes whole, sometimes torn, of every family and culture. When we move and speak our embodied stories, and they are received and valued, we reclaim our humanity."
— Olivia Corson, Body Tales founder     More about Olivia Corson


1st & 3 Wednesdays
Monthly Sundays in Berkeley

May 10–12 in the Santa Cruz Mtns

(787) 276-5002

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